Coffee in Honduras is mostly Arabica. Is this good or is this bad? There are basically two families of coffee plants: Arabica and Robusta. So, you will ask, which is better? From the point of view of caffeine, Robusta is best, because is has a higher natural percentage of caffeine. If you are looking for caffeine as a stimulant Robusta is the way to go! However, Robusta Coffee tends to have an earthly, rubbery taste, with strong peanut notes. This contrasts with the variety of notes that Arabica coffee can produce. So as far as taste is concerned, Arabica is preferred over Robusta.

As for production purposes, Robusta coffee bushes are definitely more robust. They produce more coffee cherries and less susceptible to climate change, fungus and other deceases. This means that there is less of an effort to produce quantity. However, the quality of Robusta is inferior to that of Arabica. Most of the coffee producing countries in the world prefer Arabica coffee bushes. Such is the case of Central America in general and Honduras specifically. The most important world producer of Robusta coffee is Vietnam, a relatively new crop for this Southeast Asia country. Other regions that produce Robusta coffee are Africa and Indonesia.

So, you will probably ask: is it worthwhile to stick to Arabica coffee when the Robusta plants are more resilient? The answer is yes! While Robusta coffee tends to be bitter, Arabica offers some natural sweetness to the brew. It has much more delicate notes, which feature caramel, chocolate, nuts and berries. Arabica coffee is much fruitier in its notes than Robusta.

Arabica coffee is also more nature friendly. It grows best in the natural shade of the forests. This means that it protects the natural biodiversity of the land where it was grown. Robusta is usually grown on its own, directly under the sun, with little or no natural shade.

Some coffee roasters like to make a blend of Robusta and Arabica coffees. They feel that they get the best of both worlds by doing so. Blends are rarely half and half, and Arabica coffee usually has a higher percentage in the blend than Robusta coffee. Most of the coffee you will taste from Honduras is 100% Arabica. I hope you now have a clear idea of the difference between Robusta and Arabica coffee. Because the Coffee Box Club specializes in Honduran coffee, you will be mostly drinking 100% Arabica coffee!