• The Golden Pig Roasters

We all enjoy a good cup of coffee. But what does it take to produce that special cup of coffee that will make our day shine brighter every morning? There are three fundamental items than we need to combine to generate that perfect cup of coffee. They are the coffee bean, the roast and the brew. Although equally important, the roast is probably the most significant element in the process. This is where you make it or break it! At the Coffee Box we have selected the Golden Pig Coffee Roasters as our Master Roasters.

The Golden Pig Coffee Roasters has been roasting Honduran Coffee since 2014. They supply fine coffee to many different specialty coffee shops in Honduras. To insure the finest results, they work closely with coffee farmers and harvesters. By creating a “direct trade” scheme with the producers, they have developed a special relationship with them. Close technical assistance insures the best possible coffee beans to roast.

The Golden Pig Roasters are based in the Department of Santa Barbara, in Western Honduras. This area is within the Copan and Opalaca coffee growing regions within Honduras. By partnering with these roasters, The Coffee Box can supply high quality roasted coffee to our subscribers. This is a perfect match if there ever was one!

The coffee roast transforms the natural flavors of coffee and brings out many out a special aroma, sweetness, and acidity. The three phases to this process are the following:

  • Removing the excess natural humidity from the coffee bean

  • Developing the aromatics

  • Determining the specific notes that the coffee will have

There are many different microprocesses going on during the roasting period. As such, a Master Roaster is tasked with bringing out the best elements of coffee. We are proud to have partnered with the Golden Pig Master Roasters to offer you some of the best coffee in the World!


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