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The Coffee Box Club

To become the leading online supplier of high–quality Honduran coffee. To do so, we will offer a subscription model that will provide a continuous supply of the best mountain grown coffee available. We will ship our coffee overseas and make it available to our members.

Create and maintain “The Coffee Box Club” community to supply the highest quality coffee to our members. We will use our Web Portal to help educate our community about coffee and its many benefits. We seek to educate and empower our community about coffee grown, produced and processed in Honduras. To do so, we will select only the best coffee from all denominations of origin within Honduras. Our website will provide relevant, fresh content to feed our community with interesting facts about coffee and its production in Honduras.

We are passionate about coffee! Our gratitude goes out to those who make it possible to harvest these precious beans in the remote high–altitude regions in Honduras. We also want to express our admiration to the Master Roaster, (a. k. a. “coffee–hunters”). Together, harvesters and roasters play important roles in enhancing the best qualities of coffee to sharpen your senses. Our master roasters and regularly visit remote coffee estates and plantations. Best of all, they are ready to share great coffee with you!

We are teaming up with one of the most renowned Roasters in Honduras and Central America, with over years of experience. By doing so, we aim to provide our subscribers with fresh coffee roasted just in time to preserve its attributes. Our Master Roaster has extensive knowledge of the diverse origin regions in Honduras and Central America. He also shares his knowledge and expertise to the Coffee Farmers in order to improve their techniques and procedures leading to a better quality coffee. This allows him to prepare selected single origin and blends for you to enjoy. You will love to taste the subtle characteristics of our coffee as it changes from one origin area to another!

Our commitment is to connect you directly to the coffee farmer and the roaster. We aim to bring freshly roasted coffee to your table every month. By doing so, we promote fair trade policies with the local producers. In addition, we provide them with the opportunity to expose their best product to the final consumer: you! Talk about a win–win proposition!

Our Greatest Strengths

We have developed a close relationship with producers from the six different coffee growing areas in Honduras. We refer to these as the coffee denominations of origin within Honduras. As such, we can guarantee that we will supply you with the highest quality coffee produced in the country. This contributes to the economic sustainability of the coffee growers. We also provide them with the proper transfer of technology and continuous advice. By eliminating the middleman, we ensure the concept of fair trade, paying the producers a fair price for their product.

years of experience in the production and processing of coffee allows us to produce the most exclusive and tasty coffee blends. These are sure to provide the coffee connoisseur with a pleasurable experience as they taste our specialty coffee.

Our high–tech equipment allows us to have precision when roasting your coffee. Temperature and roasting time are of utmost importance to achieve a top product. This provides for a uniform quality that varies only to satisfy your preferences. You will enjoy the consistent quality and the great aroma that our coffee will bring to your table every morning.

Once roasted, coffee should be consumed within the next few weeks to ensure that it does not loose any of its individual characteristics. Therefore, timely shipping is paramount. By being a member of The Coffee Box Club, you will receive only freshly roasted coffee from the best varieties and origins from within Honduras.

Honduras has become one of the top producers of coffee worldwide. Honduran coffee has obtained world recognition for its top quality. Our geographic location in the tropics is ideal to grow coffee. It is also very convenient when it comes to exporting it to the United States of America. We are only a few hours from all major gateways in the USA. Your coffee will be at your table shortly after it was roasted. This makes for a fresh cup of coffee at your breakfast table every morning!


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